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Well, let's see. Some other things about the farm. Some of my jobs were, as a boy, cleaning the horse stables every couple days. And also, of course, we had big herds of dairy cattle and sometimes beef cattle in addition. And the big barn, we always had a straw stack and in addition – oh yeah, straw stack at the main farm. The Null farm we had like a big hay mound that had straw blown up into it. But I would have to pull straw out of the stack with the straw puller. You know, that's something you should have, Ken, is a straw puller for your wall. [I have a barn wood wall in my family room with antique tools on it.] And we would ... I would have to spread the straw around for the cows, and this I had to do this about once a week, I would say. I also remember manure hauling, pitching it onto a manure spreader and then taking the team, taking it out and spreading it.

I can remember breaking little calves to drink. Dad showed me how to do that, and that was my job for a while, getting them to drink out of a pail. You have to use your finger, you know, your index finger, I think – no, your first finger you used to let them suck on that and then push their head down into the pail and get a taste of milk. Pretty soon you can pull your finger away after about two, three times and a few cans of spilled milk. So it was fun, anyhow.

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